7,65, 530 mm

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Length: 530 mm

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Product detailed description

The barrels are manufactured in a Czech company that produces and supplies the barrels, among others, to the Czech Zbrojovka Uherský Brod weapons factory.


Caliber 7.65.
Length: 530 mm
Outer diameter: 25, 30 mm
Steel type: CSN 15230 with quenching and tempering
Strength: 800 0MPa
Number of threads 6.
Field diameter: 7.63
Brim diameter: 7.83 in
Thread Pitch: 250mm

This barrel does not have a cartridge chamber and it is NOT according to the law
AN ESSENTIAL PART OF THE WEAPON! It is only, we can say, drilled iron rod

To own, purchase or sell it - NOT REQUIRED
PERMIT, neither in Europe nor in the Czech Republic!