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The brand new Man Kung MK-175 is the latest addition to the market in terms of fixed arch leaf springs.
New generation with stock completely made with innovative technopolymers that give it an unparalleled lightness. Internal structure completely in lightened aluminum alloy.
Weaver slide above with angle of adjustment of the lift.
Notches complete in price.
The central structure is created on a perforated base to further reduce the weight of the crossbow.
Equipped with Anti Dry Fire system: it guarantees maximum safety by not allowing the trigger to release until the arrow is correctly inserted in the space provided.
In addition to the beautiful line and the brand new structural components,
the Man Kung MK-175 is equipped with a brand new 160 lbs bow that releases a speed on the arrows of 210 feet per second.
Color: Black

Detailed information

Product detailed description

Included in the price:
1x Crossbow MK-175 Black
1x 160 lbs fiberglass bow
1x Front handle
1x Red dot 1x40 Tri-point
1x Pull rope
1x Cable for inserting the pull rope
4x Aluminum arrows with unscrewable steel tip
1x Bracket for loading
1x Pair of rear sights
1x Carrying strap
1x Parafina
1x Quiver
Photographic assembly instructions

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Warranty: 2 years
Weight: 1 kg