DETONICS Gladiator .500 HD D1 Professional

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DETONICS GLADIATOR .500 HD is modern, high-quality and high performance double-shot percussion pistol for personal defense in both civil and professional spheres. It is manufactured by using CNC high-tech with top materials and it guarantees a very high level of reliability. Detonics Gladiator is the only percussion gun that, thanks to built-in safety features, allows you to wear it absolutely safe without the risk of failure or unwanted firing. It does not require  a firearms license (category D weapon) and is available for sale to any person over 18 years old. 


Detonics Gladiator .500 HD set in the Professional gear includes: 


Percussion gun Detonics Gladiator .500 HD

Black grips made of durable plastic (mounted)

Colored grips “Desert Storm” made of durable plastic 

Detonics piston wrench 

Detonics ramrod - nylon/fiberglass

Detonics cleaning set 

Oil spray Ballistol or Motorex 

Detonics spare parts set (“O” container rings, screws, spacers)

Narex TX10 service screwdriver 

Durable Detonics case Professional 

Textile pocket Molle 

Instructions for use CZ or EN

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