DETONICS Gladiator .500 HD D2 Basic

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DETONICS GLADIATOR .500 HD is modern, high-quality and high performance double-shot percussion pistol for personal defense in both civil and professional spheres. It is manufactured by using CNC high-tech with top materials and it guarantees a very high level of reliability. Detonics Gladiator is the only percussion gun that, thanks to built-in safety features, allows you to wear it absolutely safe without the risk of failure or unwanted firing. It does not require  a firearms license (category D weapon) and is available for sale to any person over 18 years old. 


Czechgun Gladiator .500 HD D2 set in basic configuration includes: 

Percussion gun Detonics Gladiator .500 HD D2

Black grips made of durable plastic (mounted)

Detonics piston wrench 

Detonics ramrod - nylon/fiberglass

Narex XT10 services screwdriver 

Instructions for use CZ or EN

Transport cover 

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