Ekol Firat Compact

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Brand: Ekol
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Gas gun in cal. 9 mm


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Product detailed description

It is a smaller version of the Ekol Firat Magnum model 92. If you find the size of a Berretta gun inappropriate, and you do not want anything miniature, then this type of medium size pistol is just right. The gun is reliable without any manufacturing faults and defects. Synthetic pistol grips are effectively shaped for your fingers for a better grip and hold.

This is a high quality design of a Beretta model 92 replica.

A classic, defense gas (expansion) pistol based on the Beretta mod. 92, has an all-metal body and a safety for securing the gun.
Because of its compactness and compatibility with a pyrotechnic adapter it can be used for various celebrations (New Year's Eve, birthdays, corporate events, anniversaries, weddings). The gun has an adapter for firing pyrotechnic rockets.

The pistol is very reliable when properly used (quality ammunition, adequate cleaning of the gun). A popular model, suitable for self-defense as well as for widespread use at sporting, recreational, celebratory events (firing pyrotechnic flares). Ekol is among quality manufacturers. The gun is one of the popular, larger models of gas (expansion) guns.

When using for self-defense, there is a real efficiency of gas or spicy cartridges for distance up to 4 m.

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Category: GAS GUNS
Caliber: 9 mm