Ekol Jackal Dual

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Brand: Ekol
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Gas gun in cal. 9 mm

Detailed information

Product detailed description

An unusual defense gas pistol based on the Beretta mod. 92. The gun has the ability to swith from single-shot mode to shooting doses like a submachine gun. An all-metal design. A lock to secure the gun is near the trigger because of firing bursts.

Cadence is 15 shots/1.7 sec.

Because of its compactness and compatibility with a pyrotechnic adapter it can be used for various celebrations (New Year's Eve, birthdays, corporate events, anniversaries, weddings). The gun has an adapter for firing pyrotechnic rockets.

It is a unique replica of the Beretta model 92 which enables fully automatic firing (a submachine gun). The smallest and most reliable gun with a fully automatic system. The size allows the holder to use cases just like with conventional guns. The unique combination of size and functionality in full burst mode (one of the smallest ''submachine guns'' on the market), as with its weight and dimensions it ranks among the larger gas guns models, stands out from conventional gas guns.

  • When using for self-defense, there is a real efficiency of gas or spicy cartridges for distance up to 4 m.
  • Ekol is among quality manufacturers. The gun is a popular, larger model of gas guns.

Additional parameters

Category: GAS GUNS
Caliber: 9 mm
Color: Black