Ekol Special 99 Classic

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Brand: Ekol
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Gas gun in cal. 9 mm 

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Product detailed description

A self-loading gas (blank fire) pistol serving to self-defense, as well as adrenaline moments, sports and recreational purposes. Because of its compactness and compatibility with a pyrotechnic adapter it can be used for various celebrations (New Year's Eve, birthdays, corporate events, anniversaries, weddings). The gun has an adapter for firing pyrotechnic rockets (fireworks). An all-metal design, and of course, the gun is equipped with a safety against accidental pulling the trigger. The Ekol Special 99 is a medium-sized gun, an exact replica of the Beretta mod. 85. The model designated REV II has been upgraded, while innovation is in a double-stack magazine which can hold up to 13 rounds of 9 mm P.A.

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Category: GAS GUNS
Caliber: 9 mm