New Derringer cal.45 3,5" Black in category D.


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Flobert P04 cal. 6mm 

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Product detailed description

Most everyone is familiar with the Luger pistol – it is one of the most iconic handgun designs ever made. Repplica of P04.

Flobert works with the system of inserted reduction with flobert bullet and converter which moving the central inflammation to the edge. The magazine has a capacity of 5 reductions with cartridges. Flobert works on the principle of bolt-action - repeated charging and searching for ammunition by manual movement of the breech, so the reduction does not need to be inserted directly into the charge chamber. Last one in category D - purchese with out registration

Additional parameters

Category: 6 mm
Warranty: 2 years
Weight: 0.98 kg
Caliber: 6 mm