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Grand Power K22 X-Trim

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Flobert gun 6 mm

Detailed information

Product detailed description

The model K22F pistol caliber 6 mm flobert designed especially for recreational shooting. The gun is made on an authentic construction frame K22S Mk7 / 1 with an identical insert and other parts. The barrel is rigidly fixed to a steel insert. The slide is not dynamic, it is single-acting and needs to get cocked before each shot. The K22F gun with a locked slide, working at a brief recoil of the slide. The gun is equipped with a double safety lock, steel laterally adjustable sight and a plastic front sight. SA / DA trigger. The K22F gun was sighted at a distance of 10 meters before the expedition, so that the mean point of impact roughly coincided with the deliberate point. The gun sight allows, thanks to the imposition and fixation by screw, windage correction with the enclosed key. The gun is labeled C.I.P. and there are Slovak test marks stamped on it.

Additional parameters

Warranty: 2 years
Caliber: 6 mm
The item has been sold out…