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Gas gun cal. 9 mm

Category D: without registration

Detailed information

Product detailed description

The Atak Zoraki 917 gas gun is a true copy of the Glock 17 serving for self-defense, as well as for widespread use at sports, recreational, clebratory events (firing pyrotechnic flares).  Because of its compactness and compatibility with a pyrotechnic adapter, it can be used for various celebrations (New Year's Eve, birthdays, corporate events, anniversaries, weddings). The gun has a very attractive design. The magazine capacity is 17 rounds. The gun has a plastic frame which makes it significantly lighter. Ergonomically, it is processed very well. 

Gas guns by ATAK ARMS are labeled C.I.P and there are Czech and Slovak test marks stamped on them.



  • Semi Automatic - Double Action,
  • Mechanism lock by hardened steel side button when out of cartridge.
  • Magazine release button at the side,
  • Hardened , steelreinforced hidden cock
  • Hardened steel cock latch
  • Hardened steel cock-lowering
  • Hardened steel shell launcher and puller extractor
  • Steel-reinforced zinc alloy mechanism (slide)
  • Polymer frame
  • Capability to shoot firework and signal flare


Technical parameters

  • Caliber: 9 mm P.A.K.
  • Magazine capacity: 17 + 1
  • Height : 135 mm
  • Barrel Lenght : 107 mm
  • Overall Length : 190 mm
  • Width : 33 mm
  • Unloaded Weight : 870 gr
  • Loaded Magazine Total Weight : 968 gr
  • Number of Component : 51 Ad.
  • Ambient Operating Temrature : -15°… +50°


Package content

  • Gas gun Zoraki 917, Black
  • Black plastic case
  • Cleaning set: Gun ramrod
  • Magazine
  • Adapter for pyrotechnics
  • Manual
  • Warranty certificate


Additional parameters

Category: GAS GUNS
Warranty: 2 years
Weight: 0.9 kg
The item has been sold out…